The Best Laundry Stain Removal Hacks

Wine stains, grass stains, blood stains, oh my!  If you are anywhere near as clumsy as I am, you’ve likely encountered some stubborn clothing stains. Add children and pets into the equation and you’re bound to throw up your hands, wondering how you will ever restore that expensive blouse. Over the years, I have learned some helpful hacks to remove tough stains without losing my mind.

Pesky Grass Stains

We’ve all seen that little soccer player covered in harsh green stains. If you happen to be that little cherub’s parent, you may be wondering how and if it is possible to remove that stain. If you have clothing with grass stains don’t despair. Simply soak the soiled item in white vinegar for 30 minutes and lander as usual. Voila good as new!

Oily Grease Stains

If you have cooked more than a few times or like to work in the garage, it is likely you have acquired a nasty grease stain on your clothing at some point. Next time this happens, don’t throw the item out. Instead, grab a can of coke from your fridge. Pour it into your wash and launder as usual to restore your clothes to their original glory.

Crimson Blood

Folks is there anything more difficult to remove than blood stains?! All it takes is one pesky paper cut at the office or a razor nick and you’ve damaged your favorite outfit. While I once thought there was no hope for my clothes, I learned hydrogen peroxide can be a miracle worker.

Set-in Stains

If you’ve ever attempted to remove a stain after it has set it was seemingly impossible, right? As it turns out, there is a solution to even old, set stains. Simply combine dawn dish soap with hydrogen peroxide, apply liberally, soak for 20 minutes, and launder as usual. The result will be bright, stain-free laundry.

Red Wine, Not So Fine

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of spilling wine on yourself, you know how annoying this stain can be to remove. There is an easier way. Simply wash the stain out, immediately after spilling, it with club soda or even cold water. Then, blot to remove the worst of the stain. Any remaining color can be pulled out by liberally dumping salt on the spot. After allowing the salt to work, launder as usual to reveal your restored clothing.

For set-in red wine stains, stretch the affected fabric over a bowl. Douse the stain with boiling water. This will help unset the stain to allow it to wash away during regular laundering.